I have been awarded Master's degree of science, specializing in commercial and industrial science (Geneva University).

I have worked abroad, in different countries, for an important Swiss multinational Company for six years.

I have got twenty years of experience in real estate, including twelve years of close collaboration with two major companies based in Geneva.

I am fluent in English.

My specialization is the sale and subsequent sales of any kind of real estate assets: buildings (66 transactions), houses, flats, plots of land and commercial premises, to the utmost satisfaction of my clients looking for property, as well as that of my clients wishing to sell.

I am an active member of a real estate association based in Geneva, l'APGCI (Professional Association of real estate brokers and managers).

I can certify that my work is based on experience, competence, abnegation and seriousness; which will make me able to advise you, assist you in all procedures, in order to lead to a wholly satisfactory purchase or transaction.

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